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In addition to the Health Care Directives, Financial Powers of Attorney, Wills, and Trusts that compose estate plans at all ages, seniors are often confronted with confusing options at the most challenging times of their lives. Advance planning – whether years in advance or in the early stages of declining health – reduces stress on seniors and their families when crisis occurs.  Optimally we partner with healthy seniors to establish a cost-effective plan for aging safely at home and managing potential long-term care expenses well in advance of the need arising. 

In times of crisis, however, the support and counsel of a trained elder law attorney can help seniors and their families navigate the challenges of obtaining and paying for long-term care. We partner with seniors, their families, case management agencies, and care facility staff to locate care resources, request long-term care insurance benefits, and achieve eligibility and apply for public assistance where appropriate. In our work together, we can often aid families in preserving certain assets, especially for the spouse or dependent child of a senior who requires public benefits. 

“Advance planning reduces stress on seniors and their families when crisis occurs.”

Shauna Collins

Our legacy focus can be especially important for senior clients and their families. After all, seniors have the most experience and often the most wisdom to pass along while they remain able. We also recognize that attachments to our familial land and homes runs deep for many East Tennesseans, and working to preserve those family assets when possible is a cherished goal of our firm.

Of greater importance to us and to you as well, we suspect, is preserving family relationships in times of great stress. We strive toward achieving cooperation and partnership of all willing family members to produce the most positive outcome available in every circumstance. Such outcomes cannot always be achieved, and in those cases, we aim to help cooperative family members make their best effort while accepting difficult but unavoidable realities.

We also recognize that while some adult children of ailing seniors endeavor to honor their parent’s legacy in addressing their care needs, others are still struggling to overcome a difficult parental legacy. Sometimes, there is even a little of both. Whatever your situation, our goal of meaningful solidarity remains.

Our goal is to help people in the best way possible. this is a basic principle in every case and cause for success. contact us today for a free consultation. 

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